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Finally some great news to share!  We just learned Harper has received her VISA and can officially come home!!!!
Now we just need to work on getting the plane tickets but if all goes well Harper will be home by next weekend!!!!!
We have a lot of people to thank!!! Nancy, Rebecca, Trisha, Pat, Denise, Steve, Cathy and so many more!  And of course to everyone who made a donation on Harper's behalf, signed the petition, called their representatives, said a prayer, or sent some positive energy our way! 
Thank You!!!!

We will give more details later regarding our situation! In the meantime, please keep up with the site and we will update with homecoming pics, etc. Also, we would like to do some extended thanks and point folks towards the incredible organizations that have helped us out so much!

Thank you all so much once again!

Jay, Candace, Ivan, and Harper

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That is wonderful news. Bless you all.

PTL!...this is just WONDERFUL news. Last night when I couldn't sleep, I felt compelled to be praying for Harper and your situation again. More specifics were on my heart this time...not just for her, but for the injustice as a whole. I know that your unfortunate experience has paved the way for change and brought so many advocates out of the woodwork for the sake of our adoptive children across the country. I'm sorry for all that you have had to endure, and especially for sweet Harper. I am SO glad that she will be home soon. What a testimony to God's goodness and to what happens when 'the people' join together relentlessly! Can't WAIT to see her in your arms again... this time FOREVER!! Praying for safe travels for all of you.
God bless!

Wait... WHAT?! This is the GREATEST news! Can't wait to see homecoming photos.

YEAH! Harper will be home with her family. Congratulations on the excellet job you have paved for all of us who are next! Can't wait to see her on american soil!

Our family is so happy for yours. We have followed your story and have prayed for you and for Harper. Please keep us updated on your trip to get her. We are all anxious to see pictures of your reunion.

Congratulations! I am so happy for your family and most especially for Harper! I am looking forward to details of how this transpired - a CDC waiver? Negative sputum test? Again, congratulations!
Laura Beth & the Cohns
Reston, VA

What wonderful news! I have been following your story since you were in China and have thought of your family often. I would check almost daily to see if any progress had been made. My husband, our son and I adopted our 20 month old daughter in Oct 05 and having been there I anguished for you! I can't imagine leaving without her, I watched the video and cried for you. I can't wait to see the reunion. I hope you don't have many struggles ahead, you certainly have all had your share, you deserve it to go easy from here!

What wonderful news to come home to. I am so delighted to hear this news and pray that your reunion will be ever so sweet, that baba and daughter will pick up where you left off, that soon she and her forever family will all be together in Virginia.

WOO HOO ~ That is fantastic!! I cannot wait to hear what changed, but I am SO glad that it did!!!

What wonderful news! Praise God for this wonderful turn of events!!

What great news! I was so impressed with the way you handled such a difficult situation - how happy I am to see you bringing Harper home soon. Have a wonderful rest of your journey!

Joanie (Sterling, VA)

Jay, Candace & Family!
I am SO happy to read this update. My heart is beating fast, knowing you will soon have your family together! As a twice adoptive parent, I can't even begin to imagine what it would be like to leave your child behind. I am actually wondering if you need frequent flyer miles for your trip. I only have them on northwest, but will gladly give you all of mine and my kids if it would help you get to China and back. YOu can email mee on my live userid and let me know if you need them. If not, best of luck to you and I can't wait to see pictures of your homecoming!
Helen Lamsam and family
dh Paul
dd Jacey
ds Alex

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