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After a Long Hard Day of Play
Time to crash.

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Already bonding. So good to see big brother looking out for little sister and her next to him.

...and there will be

another day like that tomorrow. :-D

We have followed your story closely and were heartbroken for you all just a few weeks ago. As AP's ourselves, we could not imagine your situation and sat, sobbing, reading and watching your story unfold. I am so pleased that Harper is home so quickly. Now you can start to rebuild your trust, and your eldest son will play a huge role with that. My heart is so light tonight, looking at such a wonderful start to a lifelong bond of brotherly love. Congratulations, enjoy every moment. ~ Karen (in BC, Canada)

I just returned from China a few days ago with my son. This is wonderful news. I am so happy Harper is home. This picture of Ivan and Harper is beautiful! Congratulations to have your family together. I'm sorry you had to go through so much to get her home.

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