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PPD Tests
We are getting a lot of traffic on this site and I know many are prospective adoptive parents watching our story unfold in absolute horror.

So in order to save some of you from going through this most horrible experience I would like to clarify a few things and recommend that anyone waiting to adopt a child over the age of 2 demand their agency conduct a PPD Test prior to obtaining your VISA to come to China.  DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER. 

A PPD test is an easy test to perform and most clinics have access to it.  It is not complicated and while it involves a "little stick" with a needle it does not hurt very much and is so much less painful than what our family has had to endure by not having it done.

Even if your agency tells you the child has had a negative PPD test, if the test is older than 30 days, make them do it again.  Our chld tested negative in April and positve in June, unfortunately we were never given the positve results.


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