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AT & T Steps Up
We are happy to say that AT & T has really stepped in and done a good thing for our family.  AT & T decided to not only keep our phones on but also went a step further and did away with a large percentage of charges on our phone bill altogether. A LARGE percentage, and I should add that our phone bill after the trip was in excess of three thousand dollars.

It's hard to see the good side of corporations sometimes, and even though our case has gotten a bit of press, it isn't so much that AT & T absolutely had to help us or risk losing a lot of money in bad publicity. But they did empathize with our plight, and seemed to be staffed mostly with sympathetic people who really went out of their way to make sure that we were treated nicely.

We can honestly say AT & T has a heart and cares about their customers.

Thank you, AT & T. We are truly grateful.

Not a lot to say at the moment, but A T & T seems to be stepping up in a very good way. We'll post more as it is finalized.

Regarding NPR

Candace and I were interviewed by NPR today for the same story Dr. Aronson was interviewed for. So, that should be hitting the airwaves sometime this week; we'll keep you posted. It's either going to be "All Things Considered" or "Morning Edition." Don't know yet.

Below is the stick figure sketch I drew for Harper to try to explain to her where Mommy was going, and why it was okay that Mommy was leaving -- Harper would be coming home with me later to meet Mommy. At the time, we thought it was very likely that Harper would be returning home with me the next day. She understood this sketch very well.

She'll have a hard time trusting me now, as the sketch has been proven to be untrue.

Interview with Dr. Jeff Starke
Dr. Starke is a leading authority in pediatric tuberculosis, is a professor at Baylor College of Medicine, Chief of Pediatrics at Ben Taub General Hospital, and Infection Control Officer at Texas Children's Hospital. This interview gives a general idea of what the risks are in children with tuberculosis.

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Washington Post article

AP article

It ran in hundreds of papers, this one is in Dubuque.

New Examiner Article
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Any families in the same boat elsewhere?
Email me your details -- I know there are some families out there with kids in Ethiopia, and perhaps more in China now, that are in the same boat. I need your info.

Also, listen to NPR "All Things Considered" Thursday at 12:15. Dr. Jane Aronson will be on, and I understand she might be talking about the tuberculosis issue.


UPDATE -- Hmm. Not on. Perhaps they tape it days in advance?


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